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My music lessons are sensitive, lively and diverse. Because I am a music educator with passion. Do you want to learn everything about the wonderful instrument voice, or experience music in groups? I approach all age groups individually. There is no need for previous experience - because everyone is musical and can learn to make music with joy and ease.







Our voice is our very own instrument. Already in the womb we hear the mother's voice in different pitches to the rhythm of the heartbeat.  Later, our own voice produces an unmistakable sound that makes us unique as humans. We communicate with it and convey our feelings and moods to the outside world. Hearing singing often touches us deep down - and singing is proven to make you happy!

However, always feeling free while singing is not always easy. Some pieces present challenges and presenting yourself in front of others can be a task. Voice training and singing lessons help you to feel comfortable in all situations and to easily master even difficult parts of pieces.  This also promotes your own body awareness and thus strengthens your self-confidence. Getting to know stage presence and acting, as well as different singing styles,  enrich the lessons.

With my experience and a potpourri of singing techniques (classical techniques / CVT: authorized voice teacher - trainee, graduating in 2026 / Estill - Level 1 Teacher / functional voice training / Terlussollogy, etc.) from studies and further training in all styles, I will help you on this path. What is particularly important to me is to respond individually to your voice and your wishes.

Together with my lively, open-hearted and empathetic teacher personality, a multi-faceted teaching flow will be created - regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional.


Anyone can learn to sing and perform on stage. Above all You!

Just write me here!


Ein Mikrofon halten

All ages and genres, from 45 minutes.



 Discover your voice, get to know the physical technique behind it, improve  your singing and develop a present presence.

I respond to your wishes sensitively and open-heartedly and show you ways to make them come true. We also tackle problem areas together. Learn to sing pieces easily, freely and in a variety of ways - whether classical or pop - beginner or professional.

Singing lessons



All ages and genres, from 30 minutes.



Your choir wants to get better at singing? Do you want to master high passages more easily, sing difficult parts more cleanly, improve your breathing technique or find a common sound in which all members feel comfortable? I'm passionate about helping you!

Voice training for your choir


6-18  years,  a  Music school year



Singing, dancing and acting come together - the musical.  An exciting and lively sector that demands diversity. In order to get a taste of stage life and discover the joy of the three arts, there is the musical project. Maybe there's a musical performer, singer or actor in you too?

2021/22/23:Servant wart fromMartin Keeser

Musical project for children


Mit Kopfhörern singen

All ages and genres, from 45 minutes.



The Complete Vocal Technique helps you specifically create the sound you want. Your singing wishes are in the foreground: you can sound exactly how you want - and with a healthy voice! The technique is always updated through the latest research at the CVI Institute in Copenhagen. I love these diverse, unrestricted possibilities, which is why I am training to become an authorized CVT Teacher in 2026.

CVT Vocal Coaching


All ages and genres, from 30 minutes.



Would you like to appear confidently on stage or portray different roles authentically? Whether singing or speaking, I will help you and teach you various techniques, tips and tricks for back and on stage.

Stage presence/acting


Musik eingestellt

Class 5a of the Erich-Kästner School, 90 min.



In a band class, all students receive weekly instrumental or singing lessons and also learn ensemble music. In this way, several bands can be formed from the class. Since September 2022, I have been leading the project at the Erich-Kästner elementary and middle school in Munich Southeast and giving singing lessons.

Band class


All ages and genres, from 30 minutes.


You want to work on your speaking or singing technique to be more positive? to be noticed, to appear more consciously and to avoid voice problems? Would you like to improve your speaking in everyday working life? Maybe you also have a speech, a lecture or an acting text that you would like to work on? Feel free to write to me. I look forward to working with you on your voice.

Voice training or speaking training


All ages and genres, from 45 minutes.



As our very own instrument, our voice is dependent on our body. Breathing, mood and life are a cycle. I'll show you how you can bring this interaction into balance and train it. The exercises also help with lung diseases, COVID19 long-term damage and stress.

Breathing/body training



All ages and genres, from 45 minutes.



Are you looking for further training for your club/company that involves working with your voice or on stage? Your ensemble/collaborators are interested in new input, or do you have a project idea for the stage or with the voice for which you need a capable teacher? I would love to work out something suitable for your company/club.

Voice/stage project


Elementare Musikpädagogin



Elementary music & Dance education appeals to all ages and offers different points of contact with the world of music and movement in a variety of music groups. It's particularly nice that making music triggers a fireworks display of synapses in our brain, so that each individual, small and large, is holistically supported in their further development (children and adults) or retention of skills (seniors). Plus, the hormones released make you happy! In a protected environment you can try things out and learn - without having to have any previous knowledge. express sonorous musical and physical language. This also strengthens social interaction, gets to know yourself better, and experiences creativity and happiness.

Through my broad studies and different experiences, I have gained a wide range of knowledge in pedagogy and developmental psychology, which greatly enriches my teaching. Together with my sensitive teacher personality, this makes my music lessons lively and colorful for all ages. Let's take responsibility together and, through making music, carry an educated, strong and calm culture into the future.

 Do you want to do yourself or your child good by immersing yourself in the world of music?

Just write me here!

Glückliche Mutter mit ihrem Kind


1-3 years, 45 min./week



Discover the world of music together with your child. We build on the sounds and rhythms experienced in the womb and  explore the voice, instruments and movements with a lot of joy in playing. The relationship between each other is strengthened and the child's development is supported holistically.

Parent-child music group


1st class, 45 min. / week



As part of a primary school, all children in the 1st grade receive lessons. in music. In addition to general musical knowledge, the children learn about “the big” instruments and can opt for small group instrumental lessons in the 2nd grade. Lessons are held at the music school3klang gGmbH.

An instrument for every child


4-6 years,  45 mins / week



Kindergarten children experience the world with all their senses. Music can also be explored in this way and promotes cognitive, social, emotional and motor development. The focus is on enjoying the music. We sing, dance, discover instruments and rhythms, listen to music, experience art, and learn notation and musical terms as we get older.

Early musical education
Karussell Kinder


6-8 years, 60 min. / week


Preschool children and children in the first grade would like to get to know an instrument, but are still undecided about the choice. In the instrument carousel they get 30 minutes of theory from me every week and 30 minutes per 5 hours with an instrumental teacher. So every child can find the right instrument for them. The lessons take place at theFreising Music School.

Instrument carousel


6-7 years, 45 min. / week


Children in preschool and first grade have already had experience with music and movement and now want to know exactly how instruments or forms of music notation work. They also need space for creativity and experimentation. This course combines both. It forms a good transition to instrumental playing.

Basic musical training


All ages, from 45 minutes.


Are you planning a project and need an offer tailored to your needs, e.g. for your cultural association? Should it be for seniors, adults, Jews or children? Should the focus be on rhythm, singing, movement, making instruments, bullying, burnout, or a theme such as forest music?  I would be happy to help you design and implement it.

Musical project
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