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WELCOME ! my world full of music and sound.

My name is Anna and I am a singer and music teacher.

Are you looking for a sounding voice to enriche your baptism/wedding/funeral/event ?

Do you want professional Singing lessons, tailored to you?

Are you looking for a voice trainer for your choir? 

Are you planning a musical project and need support from an artist/educator?

Would you like to support your child's development through music?

Then you are exactly right here.

As a studied musician, I turned my passion into a career.

Since then, I have been conveying music in my life in an enthusiastic, sensitive and diverse way in lessions and give a unique experience for all listeners as a singer.

Feel free to browse through my wide range of courses, projects, concerts and get to know me.

I would be very happy to make music for you or with you.

So have fun diving into my sounding world,





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