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I love singing or listening to singing. It's a wonderful feeling to feel your body filled with sound.

The voice is the oldest instrument and is unique to every human being as a means of communication. It is very modest and is hardly noticeable in the naturalness of everyday life. However, when she sings she is proud and demands body awareness and concentration from the singer. Working with your voice is therefore always exciting.

There is also such beautiful music for the voice. It can be used in an incredibly diverse range of styles.

When I sing, I can also take on the great task of mediating between the composer/author and the audience.  How wonderful it is to pass on the music, feelings and thoughts of a time or a moment through singing.

It's even nicer when I can enrich a moment in the listeners' lives with my sonorous voice and music and see how music touches hearts.




Let my voice and the music take you into different stories and sound worlds.

Here you will find a small selection of my work.

Your wishes are important to me, and my diversity makes them possible. That's why I can also offer you different casts upon request. Offer desired songs or themes for concerts. I look forward to every inquiry - even for completely different projects and occasions.

If you are interested, write to mehere, I will send you information material and/or plan your request individually.

Because a fee also depends on the length of the performance, the musical accompaniment, the venue, and the technical conditions and individual wishes, I look forward to hearing from you and your ideas in your first non-binding message. to get to know each other so that we can design everything according to your ideas and make you an individual offer.

Would you like to experience me live? Click here to go to the appointments.



From your love you have created new life that can enrich our world with its uniqueness. Now the day has come when you want to give your child not only your protection, but also that of the godparents, the family and God. My voice spreads the joy of your new life in the church and supports you wherever it can.



Children are our future and should receive the best education we have to offer. A concert can provide access to music in a playful and child-friendly way, full of liveliness, variety and passion. With my unique voice and my music pedagogical knowledge, wonderful concerts on a wide variety of topics are created.

Interested?Here you will find out more.



So many songs have been written  - and all so different and sonorous that they should be heard. For every topic I sing a varied and enriching song program that stimulates thought and is incredibly enjoyable - whether classical or pop.



Have you found the lid for your pot, your better half, your soul mate or your true love in your partner, and are you saying “yes” to each other in church, registry office, or a free wedding? How wonderful, then all you need is a musician who can convey your love to the outside world with sound and warmth so that everyone can feel it. I even support you with the musical planning and take time for your wishes.​



Different – and yet the same. All people are unique in their own way. Every person should be allowed to receive appreciation and attention and be seen individually. Above all, the music is unreserved and speaks directly and simply through the emotions. With this, my voice and my music pedagogical knowledge, I can pick up people in concerts and take them away to the wide world full of sounds.



Do you already have a worm in your ear about this opera, operetta or musical?

I sing music to enjoy, wallow and bang along with full devotion to the written music sounds and inspire my audience.



A loved one is gone. But what always remains is the love for this person.  My voice accompanies the farewell musically and expresses what cannot be said.



Music can take you into past worlds and make you forget pain. When you listen to music, lost song lyrics appear in your head, your feet and hands want to move, and joyful memories of life events appear in new images. I sing an individual concert program carefully and with joy. adapted to the audience.



 In so many situations in life, the wisdom that church ethics impart helps us, makes us better people, and ensures social coexistence. For the glory of God, wonderful music was written that touches hearts and connects people. My full voice makes this audible and enriches the music.




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