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  • What can you book Anna for?
    For everything possible. As a teacher I like to do workshops, lessons in singing, acting, speaking, etc. or music classes with groups. As a singer you can book me for baptisms, weddings, funerals, birthdays, receptions, children's concerts, etc. Take a look here (educator) and here (singer).
  • How can you book Anna for an event?
    Write to me here and just ask me without obligation or even binding. Once an appointment has been reserved by me, the contents have been discussed, and you agree with the proposed price, it is booked and we go into the detailed planning phase.
  • What booking options do I have for individual lessons?
    You can book private lessons or buy tickets. You can sign an annual contract through the music schools. Get to know me and write to me here. Then we will find the right one for you.
  • How much does it cost?
    I negotiate the fee for an event with you individually when booking, as it varies depending on the event. E.g.: Is a children's concert significantly more complex than a baptism. It also depends on the selected pieces of music, their quantity, the location of the event, the organizational effort, etc. You can find the price for individual or group lessons in my price list, which I will be happy to send you when I respond to your inquiry.
  • How do I pay for my booking/lessons?
    You are welcome to transfer money to my invoice or bring the money in cash with you.
  • How can you book music lessons with Anna?
    Write to me here . Then we will discuss your wishes and ideas together. If the price is right for you, we will make your first appointment.
  • What is the content of voice lessons?
    Because your voice influences the rest of your body and psyche, and can be influenced by them in turn, pure work on your voice also includes work with breathing, perception, the intention/interpretation and attitude/movement. A successful presentation on stage also requires musical know-how.The content is therefore not only singing pedagogical/voice training (e.g.: vocal closure, vocal colors, vocal range...), but also speech education/communication science (e.g.: pronunciation, expression, vocal tone). and paragraph...), breathing pedagogical (e.g. breathing spaces, breathing rhythm...), physiological/psychological (e.g.: hearing, anatomy knowledge, acting, posture, relaxation methods, psychological state...), and musical (e.g.: knowledge of genres, stylistic devices, rhythm…).Since these areas of our voice and body are large, I adapt the content and focus specifically to the respective teaching unit and to you/other participants.
  • How does a SING - KLANG / singing lesson work?
    We start with a shortwarm-up/technical exercisesthat is tailored to your voice and form on the day. I will support you with the exercises on the piano. We will then work technically, musically and, if necessary, scenically on the pieces you have brought with you. You will receive melody/chord accompaniment from me on the piano, or you can be accompanied by a karaoke/instrumental version . If you are unsure, you can of course sing along to the original version if the key suits your voice. If you don't know which song suits you, I'll be happy to help you and make a suggestion.
  • How does a VOICE - SOUND/voice training unit work?
    Like a singing unit - only without the work in one piece.
  • How does a VOICE - SOUND / speaking training session work?
    Like a singing unit - only without the accompaniment and of course speaking while working on lyrics instead of singing.
  • How does a BREATH - SOUND / breathing unit work?
    After a warm-up, various exercises, individually adapted, find their place. The focus of the content is on breathing pedagogy, voice, and posture/movement.
  • Does Anna also give online lessons?
    Yes, we are happy to arrange an online lesson. To do this you need: - an internet connection - an audio and video capable device such as laptop/computer/phone - the ability to play music - an instrumental/karaoke version of your song.
  • How does a SING - KLANG / singing unit work online?
    Almost like a normal singing lesson. After the warm-up/technical exercises, we will use an instrumental or karaoke version as accompaniment for further work, which you have selected and can play at your home. When working on short, specific parts, you may also sing acapella or with individual notes/chords on the piano in order to work on this part more effectively and with more concentration.
  • What happens if Anna misses one-on-one lessons through no fault of her own?
    Because it is important to me that your lessons run smoothly, I take care of myself and report early if I notice that I have to cancel due to illness, for example. The missed hour will not be charged.
  • What happens if I have to cancel one-on-one lessons?
    I do not charge for cancellations made up to 24 hours before the agreed lesson. By booking, both parties enter into a contract and I keep the time free for you. I therefore charge 50% for cancellations after 24 hours before the lesson.
  • What booking options do I have for individual lessons?
    You can book private lessons or buy tickets. You can sign an annual contract with the music schools. Get to know me and write to me here. Then we will find the right one for you.
  • Where do the individual lessons take place?
    The lessons take place at my home in Moosburg, or in one of the two music schools in Freising (3klang, the city's music school).
  • We would like to come to class together, is that possible?
    Of course and with pleasure. Just write to me here and I'll make you an offer.
  • Which course is right for my child?
    How nice that you want to give your child access to music! This depends primarily on the age and subsequently on the character and development of your child, as well as the parent-child relationship: Is your child approx. 1-3 years old, a parent-child music group accompanied by a caregiver is suitable. For me personally, this course is called “SOUND DUET”. At the 3klang music school it is called "Musikallee" ;, at the music school of the city of Freising "Parent-child music group" Is your child in kindergarten, approx. If you are 3-4 years old and not yet in preschool, early musical education with younger children is appropriate. For me personally, this course is called “KLANG - CHILDREN 1”, at the music school it is called 3klang "Abenteuerland Musik" and at the music school of the city of Freising "Preschool". Is your child in kindergarten preschool and approx. 5-6 years old is suitable for early musical education with older children. For me the course is called "KLANG - CHILDREN 2" ,at the 3klang music school , at the Freising City Music School ; Is your child in the 1st grade and would like to get to know the world of music or is your child still in the kindergarten preschool and has already enjoyed early musical education and is his Development continues, then basic musical training is appropriate. For me the course is called “KLANG - CHILDREN 3”, at the music school of the city of Freising "Basic course". If your child would like to try out different instruments at the same age, I recommend a course on how to find specific instruments. At the music school in the city of Freising it is called Instrumentenkarussell< /u>, at the music school 3klang " Instrument shop".
  • How does a music group lesson for children work?
    It goes like this: Afterarriving in the room, the welcome ritual takes place with melodic and/or rhythmic patterns. This is followed by an introduction to the topic (e.g. dinosaurs) and various units of elementary music education on the topic (e.g. listening, singing, elementary instrumental playing, movement/dance, notation, etc. ). When there is time, the experience is processed in the visual arts, when painting. Finally, the lesson ends with the farewell ritual. The exact contents are adapted to the respective course focus. (This applies to parent - child music groups, early musical education groups, basic musical training groups)
  • What happens if I have to cancel group lessons?
    By booking, both parties enter into a contract and I keep the time extra free. Since the dates were announced early and I am holding the class for other participants, there are no alternative dates if you are canceled.
  • What happens if Anna misses a group lesson through no fault of her own?
    Because it is important to me that your lessons run smoothly, I take care of myself and report early if I notice that I have to cancel due to illness, for example. Of course, it can also happen that external circumstances can lead to a short-term loss of hours (e.g. car accident, etc.). I'll get in touch as soon as possible to cancel. Additional hours are included in the total price (see price list/rules or fee schedule of the respective music school). If the cancellations exceed this, I will offer an alternative date.
  • What happens if I can't make the substitute lesson?
    I will offer the alternative date early. So please set it up for yourself. If the majority of the group cannot attend this date and let me know this no later than a week after the date has been announced, I will try to find another date.
  • How many children are in a music group
    Minimum 8 and maximum 12.
  • How does the planning of my event work?
    After we have made contact and you have booked me, we will contact you again for detailed planning. I will send you information material tailored to your needs and you can view it at your leisure. In a consultation we will determine the exact content/pieces and the process together. This conversation is not necessary for children's concerts that have already been planned. For events in church, the procedure must then be coordinated by you and the theologian.
  • Is an accompaniment for Anna's singing included?
    For events that have already been conceived, such as concerts/children's concerts/workshops, I state my offer including all musicians involved who are part of the well-rehearsed team of the respective concept. Piano accompaniment is usually not available for church events. Often the church musician employed by the church and assigned to the event provides accompaniment on site for a small additional fee. If you would like this, please have the relevant contact details ready so that I can speak to this person. The church musician cannot always fulfill all wishes (e.g. no electric piano for pop songs on site, or no time to rehearse more difficult pieces), and small churches often no longer employ church musicians. If you would like me to bring a musician to accompany you on the piano - very welcome. Just let me know and I'll ask my large circle of fellow musicians. I can also request other instruments if desired.
  • Why doesn't Anna usually sing with tape music?
    As a trained musician, I appreciate live music. Accompaniment from a tape never comes close to live music. In addition, you are tied to the length and sequence and cannot adapt to the circumstances on site and influence them with the music (e.g.: bride arrives much faster/slower than expected, guests become restless, etc.).
  • Can I have other instruments/musicians at my event?
    You're welcome. Let me know what you have in mind. I would be happy to advise you and ask musicians in my circle of friends.
  • What are the requirements for the location?
    Depending on the requirements previously discussed, a socket/technician/etc. must be provided. For outdoor events, a roof over the stage is necessary. The location should - unless otherwise agreed - be accessible and prepared at least 1 1/2 hours before the event so that setup and, if necessary, sound check is possible. Individual agreements apply to the registry office, which you make in advance together with me and the registrar.
  • Are travel costs included?
    A journey of 50km is included in my prices. I calculate the additional travel costs at 0.40 cents per kilometer driven. If the distance is more than 100 km one way, I will be happy to create an individual offer.
  • What happens if I cancel the event?
    By booking, both parties conclude a contract. Unless otherwise agreed, the following applies: If you would like to cancel the order for any reason, you can do so free of charge up to 30 days before the event. Up to 48 hours before the start of the event I charge 20% of the order value, later 40% of the order value.
  • What happens if Anna is absent through no fault of her own?
    Because it is important to me that your event runs smoothly, I treat myself carefully and contact you early if I notice that I have to cancel due to illness, for example. Should I, through no fault of my own, e.g. If, for example, I am unable to attend due to illness, I will endeavor to find an adequate replacement. However, they are responsible for the conditions themselves and may charge you a different fee. You can then decide for yourself whether you want a replacement or start searching again yourself. If I fail through no fault of my own, you are not entitled to compensation.



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